Multi-Million dollar senior apartments open in Weehawken

A more than $7 million senior housing project was unveiled Wednesday in Weehawken.

It is the former site of the Bach Hotel, a flop house and bootlegger’s connection located at 4800 Park Avenue.

“Mayor Turner helped me when I graduated high school so I could afford where to live, so I could go to college — so I’m grateful and now he’s helping my grandmother,” says Jackie Ospina.

It’s a well-built project with all the amenities.

“Including grab bars in all the showers and bathrooms, pull chains for emergency cords in both bedrooms and living rooms and bathrooms,” says West New York Housing Authority Executive Director Robert DiVincent.

And a whole new way of life for a lot of people.

“Who lived in substandard housing or couldn’t afford the rents for many, many years,” Mayor Richard Turner says. “It adds to the neighborhood and it helps 28 families.”

From a real eyesore to this… and a long time coming for the seniors.

“What we have here for the first time in the third ward up in this section, a senior citizen home that’s located next to anything and everything that a senior citizen could possibly want,” says Deputy Mayor Robert Sosa.

 “Grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, pizza, donuts, Mexican, ice cream, Chinese, beauty parlors, nails, government services, tailors, seamstresses, flowers, mass transportation.”

When you cut programs, it is detrimental to neighborhoods.

“You are cutting out projects like this,” says County Executive Tom DeGise. “So tell your elected officials.”

This means so much to Ospina and her grandmother.

“The quality of her life is gonna obviously change for the best,” Ospina says.  “We’re very, very thankful and we saw the apartment, they’re beautiful. They exceeded our expectations.”

Luperly Henao couldn’t be happier.

“Muy contenta, feliz, muy feliz con el apartamento, muy bonito, muy lindo, gracias por todo,” Henao says.