Residents in Union City were shocked this morning to look out into their neighborhood streets to find the Bomb Squad surrounding the area. A local citizen called the police department when she noticed an unattended, cover cooking pot in the area of Bergenline and 7th st. Being reminded of previous bombings such as the Boston Marathon, cookware can be unused in the detonation of a terrorist attack. The concerned citizen followed the “See Something. Say Something.” protocol and notified the police.

The Bomb Squad quickly emerged on the scene, securing the area. They located the unattended pot exactly where the resident had said it would be. After the proper procedures were followed, the suspicious cooking pot, turned out to be simply that and nothing more.

While several locals were inconvenienced by the bomb threat, the possible ordeal was still dealt with as quickly as possible. In the end, while this turned out to be a simple piece of cookware, many agree that it was best to be safe than sorry.

A facebook user posted the video online.