NBCCG Return to Rip Mayor Sacco and Herb Klitzner Over State Comptroller’s Report. Larry Wainstein also plays Gov. Christie’s speech where he recently took aim at Mayor Sacco.



  1. Nah! I could not have been the governor making those statements! Just like it wasn’t Nick Sacco on Lydia Colemans answering machine!

  2. Mr. Weinstein go to the Union City Bd of Education to OPRAH Herb’s former contract cause your boss Stack also paid him. I’m guessing the truse is off.

  3. Glad to see Bla Bla Blanch and Larry “Whine”stien are back calling Sacco out. I guess Stack gave them the a okay to attack.

    • Sacco is as corrupt as they come and you know it buddy! This has nothing to do with Stack! & I ain’t no fan of Stack either! One is worse than the other! North Bergen needs change and I hope Nick gets his dyed hair booted out of office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JohnB, They are all corrupt, Sacco, Stack, Roque, etc, and they all belong in jail However, Blanch and Whinestien are Stack puppets. When Stack and Sacco made peace both were told to stand down by Stack and they did. Just like those two idiots in Union City. Therefore, one must questions there motives do they believe in what they are doing or are they just tools of Stack. If they really cared, then why did they stop going to meeting for two months?

        • two idiots in UC? No three! Moe Larry & Curly…ooopps wrong idiots…I mean Alonzo, DelValle & Dixon.

  4. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!! When you plead the 5th as those guys did shown on this video, man, get your Dept. of Correction jump suits on!!!! It could not be any clearer.

  5. There not going nowhere. Weinstein should give up or is he going to spend the 2 million he sold tonn liquor for n use it to attack nick..

  6. Nick and Stack should just let Blanch & Wainstein have a cage match challenging
    Del Valle & Alonso and winner takes over Hudson County!!!

  7. Blanch and Wainstein would kick the living crap out of DelValle and Alonso. They have been kicking the crap out of Sacco. Sacco looks like an old man with badly dyed hair. I think he’s gained forty pounds since Blanch and Wainstein started to F him up publicly and expose the truth. You can’t hide behind enough hair dye Sacco cause you’re getting your ass beat by some young guys with guts and great ideas. Your time has come, time to retire yourself and the bottle of Just for Men.

  8. What about a cage match with Sacco and Klitzner against Stack and Albeiz,
    winner meets Roque and Silvio Accosta

  9. Has anybody seen my dad? Where has my bald pock marked face pot belly pig corrupt father Emilio Del Valle and hid gay lover Frank Alonso been? I guess he forgot about UCCCG the same way he forgot about us his children and our mother. Emilio you are and always will be a selfish pig. Frank how is your county job and tax payer funded car doing? Question-does your county car fit into your city assigned handicap parking space? I hear your neighbors really despise you for taking a legitimate parking space away from them. Frank Alonso you will always be a fat greedy pig.

  10. I wonder what meds Nick’s doctor has him on…Other than his incessant blinking, U’d hardly think he has any concerns about traveling to Butner NC…
    No doubt very quickly after he gets re-elected…Chris is going to pay his campaign debt to Brian for his loyal support…No one has Any doubt as to what that is…
    Bye, bye Nick…We hardly knew ye… 🙂

  11. Garry Pollack, I am not a big fan of Brian or Nick, however the both of these guys always
    seem to fall and somebody keeps picking them up.
    By all accounts what are they still doing around or why are they still the Mayors of these
    two Towns when repeatedly they have Law enforcement investigating them/

  12. Mr Resident…Democracy is the Worst form of government, no ?)
    Except for all the others. !)

  13. Since this guy Wainstein lives in Franklin Lakes does he complain at those Town meetings
    or what is his purpose complaining to Nick, he already sold the Liquor Store on Tonnelee
    to someone else so what is his gripe?

  14. One thing I notice you see less and less of Commissioner Frank Garguilo and he’s
    never anywhere to be seen around Town