NBPD Det. Steven Schubert Promoted to Sergeant

Mayor Nicholas Sacco was keynote speaker at the promotion of Det. Steven Schubert to the rank of sergeant on Friday, Jan. 18, 2019. Schubert took the oath of office in front of a crowded room full of spectators including friends, family, and many police officers, both current and retired.

Police Chief Robert Dowd provided the welcome address, praising Schubert for his exemplary work over the years. Schubert has served as an officer in the Patrol Division, Community Police and Bike Patrol Unit, Street Crime Unit, and ESU Team. He is the departmental firearms instructor for pistol, shotgun, subgun, and assault rifle; Monadnock/ASP baton instructor; NTOA active shooter instructor; Taser instructor; CST less lethal instructor; MACTAC instructor; simunition scenario instructor; Sig Sauer, Glock & Colt armorer; and NTOA basic & advance SWAT course instructor.

Schubert is a United States Marine combat veteran. He served in Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield in 1990.

Public Safety Commissioner Allen Pascual also praised Schubert for his service, and participated in the official swearing-in.