New allegations of potential voter fraud against the Davis Campaign by the Smith Team. During a press conference, representatives from the Mark Smith campaign addressed potential voter fraud they have encountered leading up to the June 10th run-off election in Bayonne.



  1. ” so we have listened to the recordings, as far as we are concerned, 2 guys talking, no indication as to who they are trying to get votes for, we can’t identify them” The key phrase here is “as far as we are concerned” of course it’s two guys talking not two girls, you can know things. They can’t identify them , why? I can. Maybe when the one guy said “xxx Davis” it was a clue as to who they are trying to get votes for. So Jason lies and right to your face Bayonne. Now it’s clear the one man baited the other into the conversation. So this is the person who should come forward because he is finished if he don’t.

  2. This really was a story after all. The eyewitness turned out to be an employee of the Hudson Reporter that has contacts with the City. Her daughter works in Mark Smith’s office. Nothing new about a Hatch Act violation from the City or corruption from the Reporter, remember the Felon Joe Barry.

  3. Jason O’Donnell is the biggest phony and everyone in Bayonne knows it. I applaud Jimmy Davis for always taking the high road. Justice has been served and this group of disgusting people led by Mark Smith have been all voted out.