New Beginnings WNY Slate Files Over 5,000 Petitions

Campaign Shows Massive Community Support, Organizational Strength

West New York, N.J. — The “New Beginnings WNY” slate of candidates for the West New York Board of Commissioners today filed over 5,000 signed nominating petitions, overwhelmingly more than the amount required to be placed on the ballot in the upcoming May election. The massive total shows the strong community support for change as well as the organizational strength of the New Beginnings WNY campaign, which has been canvassing the town for several weeks listening to voters’ concerns and building support.

“West New York is ready for change and this enormous show of support for our campaign proves that once again,” said Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez. “Residents are tired of the failed leadership of Mayor Roque and are ready for a new beginning for our community in May.”

Last month the New Beginnings WNY campaign launched with a rally attended by hundreds of residents and political leaders from throughout Hudson County.

“Elections are won with hard work and community support, and this huge number of petitions shows that the people are behind our campaign,” said Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo. “West New York is an amazing community that deserves real leadership and we’re running to provide exactly that.”

New Beginnings WNY is endorsed by Congressman and former Mayor Albio Sires, who headlined the campaign’s recent launch event and spoke about the need for new leadership in Town Hall. Residents have taken notice and have reached out to members of this campaigns in the hundreds, asking to sign the petition as a show of support for the slate and a new beginning in West New York.

“The time for change in West New York is now, and our team will continue working extremely hard over the next three months to make sure that we deliver the change our community desperately needs,” said Commissioner Margarita Guzman.

Since publicly breaking with Mayor Felix Roque and asserting control of the Board of Commissioners last year, Commissioners Rodriguez, Cirillo and Guzman have worked to improve local government operations and restore credibility and accountability. They are joined by two new candidates to lead the town forward after the May 14th election.

“I’m so proud of the outpouring of support our campaign has received from West New York residents, and I’m committed to working as hard as I can to deliver on the promise of change for our community,” said Commissioner candidate Victor Barrera.

The New Beginnings WNY campaign is committed to delivering solutions for residents on pressing issues like stabilizing property taxes, improving parking for residents and improving and increasing our parks and recreation facilities.

“West New York has been shortchanged by ineffective leadership for far too long and if our successful petition drive shows anything it’s that the people have had enough of the chaos of the Roque years and is ready to move forward,” said Commissioner candidate Yoleisy Yanez.