New Garbage Disposal Regulations for Smaller Buildings Introduced

new garbage disposal regulations for homes 10 units or less- Hoboken
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New Garbage Disposal Regulations Announced for Buildings with 10 Units or Less

In a recent press release, local authorities have announced new regulations pertaining to garbage disposal for buildings with 10 units or less. The move is aimed at ensuring a cleaner and more organized waste management system in the area.

Key Highlights of the New Regulations:

  1. Covered Garbage Cans: All buildings with 10 units or less are now required to have a covered garbage can with an attached lid. The lid can either be permanently attached or connected with a chain. It’s essential that the lid remains securely closed to prevent spillage and unwanted pests.
  2. Weight Limit: The filled receptacle should not weigh more than 50 lbs.
  3. Size of the Receptacle: There are no specific size restrictions on the garbage receptacle, giving residents flexibility in choosing a bin that suits their needs.
  4. Exemptions: Exemptions will be granted only for space constraints. Residents can request an exemption here.
  5. Additional Garbage: In cases where residents have extra garbage due to events like spring cleaning or large gatherings, they should use a 1.1 mils thick disposable rodent repellent bag or a 3 mils disposable bag for the excess waste.
  6. City’s Initiative: The city has procured 3000 receptacles. Details on their distribution will be announced once the delivery is complete.
  7. Grace Period: A 30-day grace period has been initiated to educate the public about these new regulations.
  8. Recycling and Other Pickups: These new regulations apply only to household garbage. The rules for recycling and other pickups remain unchanged.
  9. Disposal of Bulky Items: The process for disposing of bulky items like furniture and large appliances remains the same. Residents are reminded to place such items on the curb on their regular garbage collection day. For safety, all drawers and doors should be removed from furniture and appliances before collection.
  10. Yard Waste: Garden and yard waste should be placed curbside on Thursday night for Friday collection. Residents are advised to separate leaves, grass, weeds, and branches before collection. Branches should be tied in manageable bundles, and leaves should be placed in clear plastic bags or special paper bags available at the Hoboken Recycling Drop-off Center.

Residents with questions or concerns about the new regulations are encouraged to reach out directly to Jen Giattino Council Woman for Hoboken at 201.780.6779. She has expressed her willingness to discuss anything important to the citizens of Hoboken, or provide clarity on the new guidelines.