New HHA appointee Dana Wefer addresses out of control meeting. Wefer tells HCTV how she felt about being called out by various residents at her first Hoboken Housing authority meeting on Thursday.


  1. The meeting was out of control due to Dave Mello inciting the residents with his out of pocket resolution, which he did not produce until a second after Mr. Sanford was sworn in, showing the residents there is another agenda other than the welfare of the residents of HHA. The residents will continue to stand up for their rights and homes.

  2. The only reason the meeting ended so badly was because of Carmelo Garcia, he of the ugly ethnic cleansing notoriety.

    Commissioner Mello made two simple motions, perfectly legal over the hours in the meeting.

    The residents are being abused by Carmelo Garcia and his band of paid political operatives to control the HHA against the interests of all the HHA residents.

    He will not suppress the people!

    • With a screen name as the one you have selected proves to me how childish you are and therefore does not warrant a reply.