New Jersey’s School Bullying Situation Remains Unchanged, According to WalletHub Study

New Jersey School Bullying
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New Jersey’s School Bullying Situation Remains Unchanged, According to WalletHub Study

A recent study conducted by WalletHub has revealed concerning statistics about bullying in New Jersey schools. Despite previous investigations highlighting the issue, there hasn’t been a significant improvement in the situation.

Key findings from the study include:

  • New Jersey ranks fourth in the nation for the most significant bullying problems.
  • The state has the fifth-highest percentage of students involved in school altercations.
  • New Jersey stands seventh in the country for the highest truancy costs due to bullying.

The study’s release comes four years after an in-depth investigation by Kane In Your Corner, which identified major shortcomings in New Jersey’s approach to handling bullying. One of the primary issues was the state’s definition of bullying. For an incident to be classified as bullying in New Jersey, the victim must be targeted based on a specific characteristic, such as race, gender, or ethnicity. If these criteria aren’t met, the incident is often labeled as a “conflict” instead of bullying.

Furthermore, the investigation found that several school districts were not accurately reporting the number of bullying complaints they received. Additionally, many schools were not adhering to the mandated 10-day investigation period or providing written reports to the affected parents.

In 2019, Governor Phil Murphy announced the creation of an anti-bullying task force in response to these findings. The task force recently held its inaugural public hearings and is currently seeking feedback from the public regarding their experiences with bullying in local districts. Parents are encouraged to share their insights by emailing their comments to the Anti-Bullying Task Force at by November 15th.

Source: New Jersey News12