Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that JP Porcaro has been appointed the new Director of the Bayonne Public Library. Porcaro, a Bayonne resident, began working in libraries in the 1990’s. He worked most recently as the Librarian for Acquisitions and Technological Discovery at New Jersey City University (NJCU). At the university, he managed the library’s materials budget and the staff of the Acquisitions Department. He introduced Tech innovations to the NJCU library. He cites his successes in launching text message reference. At NJCU, Porcaro also taught information literacy sessions and performed library reference work.

Earlier in his career, Porcaro held such positions as part-time Reference Librarian at the South Orange Public Library, Virtual Services Librarian at NJCU, Head of Children’s Services and Reference Librarian at the Belleville Public Library and Information Center, and Systems and Electronic Resources Librarian at St. Peter’s College Library.

Porcaro earned a Master’s degree in Library Science at the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from New Jersey City University.

Mayor Davis said, “We are very fortunate to have someone with JP’s qualifications and broad experience in library administration and services. He has great enthusiasm for the role of libraries in America. JP also has a lot of ideas to increase acquisitions and activities at the Bayonne Public Library. I look forward to working with him in the years ahead.”

In an interview, Porcaro discussed his vision for the Bayonne library, “A big part of ‘Librarianship’ comes from the Father of Library Science, Guru S.R.R. Ranganathan. He says ‘the library is a growing organism’ and that is my vision for Bayonne’s Public library: a place for the people of Bayonne to grow their minds and their hearts.” Porcaro continued, “We’ll be updating our technology, increasing our outreach to new Bayonne residents, and better realizing the title of ‘Free Public Library and Cultural Center of Bayonne.’ The library building itself is a beautiful original Carnegie Library Building, and I’d love to showcase that as the gem of the city of Bayonne. I’m particularly interested in the folks who are here in Bayonne but not using the library: we want you back! I have an extensive background in training librarians all over the country – over the course of the last decade, I’ve spoken all over the country on this topic – and I’m excited to bring everything I’ve taught to USA’s librarians to my hometown of Bayonne.”

Porcaro offered some specific ideas to move the library forward. “Some of the experience I bring is in the field of emerging literacy. I’m looking to bring materials here for our new readers, including comics and graphic novels. Bayonne has a large immigrant population, and what better place than a free public library is there to learn about the U.S.A… I’d like to expand our offerings for new Bayonne citizens looking to learn English” Discussing young professionals who have moved to Bayonne, Porcaro said, “Bayonne is ‘hot’ right now for working NYC professionals who have families, so I’m very excited to start reaching out to those families as a way to engage them with our growing city. I spent many years as a Children’s Librarian, and I know how important the children are for Bayonne’s future, so expanding our offerings to all students and young folks in Bayonne is top of my list. Having the library partner with businesses in the city is a top priority for me, so business owners can expect ‘what can we work on together?’ phone calls from me in the coming months.”