New Municipal Parking Lot in North Bergen Eases Parking Problems

New Municipal Parking Lot in North Bergen Eases Parking Problems. Hudson County TV was at the unveiling of the new, 27-spot municipal parking lot on 51st street in North Bergen today with Mayor Sacco which promises to ease street parking concerns with residents. The North Bergen Parking Authority was able to attain the land through an estate sale at no cost to tax payers. The spots are just about half sold out, at the very reasonable rate of $50 per month. The Parking Authority told Hudson County TV that they are always on the look out for ways to increase municipal lots as many streets are very narrow and can cause accidents and stress to local residents. 


  1. Another joke on the tax payers of North Bergen> Just like our parking permits where i live there are more people with monthly passes because they have out of state plates, but live right here in town. So now i pay to park no where. Like i said another joke on the tax payer

  2. I assure you Nick doesn’t need 50×51 in his pocket. That’s chump change this lot is good for NB and $50 a month is indeed reasonable.

    Good step. NB now only needs like 200 more of these lots. lol