New overnight parking pay-and-display machines come to North Bergen

“(Robert Baselice) the executive director and the board decided to do this to make it more convenient for people,” says Mayor Nicholas Sacco.

The Parking Authority currently has scratch-off daily permits for sale inside the office, good for four years.

“Residents felt when they didn’t have one available they wanted somewhere to be able to come and get a permit and now this allows for that,” Baselice says.

There are three locations where people can purchase the new permits after hours.

“One here at the Parking Authority and the other ones at each library, so you have one downtown at the library and uptown,” Sacco says.

It makes sense for those coming to visit.

“To service our merchants in the business districts, to be able to buy a permit if they want to stay beyond the 1 am deadline,” Baselice says.

Now you can stay overnight.

“However, the key is that it’s carefully monitored so that no-one is taking advantage of it,” the mayor says.  “That commuters aren’t coming here and coming everyday and using $5 to park here.  That won’t happen.”

It’s as simple as imputing your license plate number into the machine.

According to Baselice, it generates a parking permit decal that’s a peel-off and you stick it onto your rearview mirror.