New Plans Unveiled for Jersey City ShopRite Project on West Side

ShopRite Jersey City West Side project

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A significant development is on the horizon for Jersey City’s West Side neighborhood. ShopRite is set to present its plans to city officials for a new supermarket project at 42 Hernandez Way. This initiative has faced numerous challenges and delays in the past. Initially, Crossroads Companies, based in Mahwah, had intended to commence the ShopRite development in spring 2020. However, the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted these plans.

The supermarket project resurfaced in late 2021 when New Jersey City University (NJCU) submitted a revised application for the property. This new proposal envisioned a taller structure that would incorporate a self-storage facility. However, NJCU encountered its own set of difficulties. Following a significant budget deficit, the university’s president resigned, and the institution declared a financial emergency. A subsequent state investigation revealed that former university administrators had made budgeting errors in their efforts to address the financial crisis.

Despite these setbacks, the need for the ShopRite supermarket remains pressing, especially given that many regard the area as a food desert. The latest design, crafted by Lyndhurst’s Guzzo + Guzzo Architects, proposes a two-story structure. The upper level will house office spaces. The entire ShopRite establishment will cover approximately 61,000 square feet and will feature a liquor store. Additionally, the design includes provisions for 140 ground-level parking spots, exterior parking, and six loading docks.

The Jersey City Planning Board has scheduled a Section 31 “courtesy review” of the ShopRite proposal for their meeting on August 22. This supermarket is a part of the larger University Place project, which aimed to rejuvenate and expand the NJCU campus. Although the broader plans are currently uncertain, there is hope that the ShopRite project will soon come to fruition.

Source: Jersey Digs.