Mayor Brian Stack and the Union City Board of Commissioners unveiled the new Union City 
 Welcome Center on Thursday evening to serve as temporary shelter for fire victims who have 
been displaced from their homes.

As the most densely populated city in the United States, Union City faces many challenges
when a fire occurs and leaves multiple families displaced from their homes for weeks at a time, 
sometimes even months.

The new center is truly a welcome addition to the community.

It was formerly the site of the old fire house on 47th Street and Palisade Avenue and has now 
been renovated.

Families will have the advantage of being able to stay in Union City while their home is
being renovated or they find new housing. Children are able to stay in school and maintain a level of normalcy after such a tragic event.

The mayor says Union City is such a tight knit community where they all take care of their friends 
and neighbors during their time of need.

“Many families lose everything when they experience a fire and need temporary assistance to 
get back on their feet,” Stack says. “I am hopeful that the Welcome Center will offer them 
safety, comfort and support during a difficult time.”

Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee, Phil Murphy also stopped by to offer his support and 
 congratulations on the Welcome Center.

“I think he cares about an urban community such as Union City, Hudson County— and I think 
that speaks volumes,” Stack says. “He’s a busy man, he’s on a busy campaign schedule and to stop by here really means a lot.”