News 12 Layoffs: the Departure of Eight Members on New Jersey Team

News 12 New Jersey Layoffs
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News 12 Layoffs Impact Eight Members of New Jersey Team

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In a significant move, News 12 announced massive layoffs, affecting eight members of their New Jersey team and 30 individuals across their tri-state cable news network.

Prominent figures such as political reporter Alex Zdan and meteorologist James Gregorio, who has been a staple at the TV station for several decades, are among those who will be departing. Others who have been let go include Rick Holmes, John Bathke, two veteran cameramen, a news producer, and an assignment desk editor.

The recent layoffs have raised concerns regarding News 12’s future coverage of local politics. This is especially pertinent given the upcoming elections for 120 seats in the New Jersey Legislature in just five weeks and the recent indictment of U.S. Senator Bob Menendez. The station has yet to announce who will take over as the host of News 12’s popular weekly show, Power & Politics, previously hosted by Zdan.

Expressing his gratitude, Alex Zdan said, “I am grateful for my time at News 12, the people I worked alongside of, and having a platform to present an unbiased picture of the beguiling fiasco that is New Jersey politics. All good things may come to an end, but I know even better days lay ahead.”

In response to concerns, News 12 issued a statement emphasizing their commitment to local news coverage. Janet Meahan, a spokesperson for News 12, stated, “News 12 is committed to its mission of connecting viewers to the hyperlocal, award-winning news they care about across the many platforms on which they consume content. As part of this mission, we are investing in more in-community reporting and events, creating content for streaming platforms, and making a user-friendly hub for all things local. We are proud of News 12’s history and look forward to continuing to be the go-to source of news for new and loyal viewers across all channels, platforms, and mediums.”

In the ever-evolving landscape of media and journalism, layoffs, while disheartening, are not uncommon. News 12’s recent decision to let go of key members from their New Jersey team has undoubtedly sent ripples through the industry. While the immediate implications of these layoffs on the network’s local political coverage remain to be seen, News 12’s reaffirmation of their commitment to hyperlocal journalism is a testament to the enduring importance of community-focused news. As the media industry continues to adapt to changing viewer habits and technological advancements, the core essence of journalism—serving the community with reliable and impactful news—remains paramount. It will be interesting to observe how News 12 navigates these challenges in the coming months and whether their actions align with their stated mission.


  1. Sadly it seems news12 doesn’t want reporters that ask tough questions of ALL politicians and not softballing Dems…so Zdan, gone.
    The rest are middle class decent ppl that were let go, like James Gregorio and Bathke. Guess news12 has become no better than the other crap left wing so-called news stations

  2. Local politics have been affected by your news, reporters and negative way. Blaise Gomez for instance, refuses to cover certain politician for her own political gain. She covers not as a outsider but for personal reasons. For instance, Town of Monroe has been sued in federal court for violation of the United States Constitution. When I reached out to News 12 to cover story. I received an email from her. When she found out it was me who speaks openly politically. She immediately refused to cover the story. What this means to this common person is that she’s more interested in protecting the town supervisor than the interest of the voters and the citizens of this great country, the United States of America. Southern District of New York, 7:35-cv-06048-PMH

  3. I am soooo shocked of this news. I have been watching NJ12 news
    just about every morning for years. It was Just right, news, weather,
    heartwarming stories, concerns.
    The disappointing way this was done, is unacceptable to me.
    And I will not be tuning in.

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