Nicholas J. Sacco Foundation donates tax prep services to over 300 local seniors and low income North Bergen residents

NORTH BERGEN, NJ – The Nicholas J. Sacco Foundation, a charitable organization headed by Mayor/State Senator Nick Sacco, donated free tax preparation services to over 300 senior citizens and disabled North Bergen residents over the past two months leading up to tax day on April 15. The initiative is one way that the Foundation is giving back to the community, following its donations to local food pantries in January.

“Everyone has to file income taxes every year, even seniors living on social security benefits alone, and the cost of tax preparation can be burdensome,” said Sacco. “We saw this as a way to help vulnerable local residents by providing access to a certified public accountant at no cost. Our foundation has a mission is to assist people in our community who are in need and we will continue to find ways to give back.”

The Foundation hired an accountant to offer tax preparation three times a week to North Bergen residents 55 years or older or in possession of proof of disability with a yearly income below $55,000. The service was advertised with fliers placed in senior buildings and other areas advising interested parties to call and make an appointment. Tax preparation services can cost over $100 even for simple returns and people without internet access are often unable to use popular free online tax preparation services.


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