Nicolas J. Sacco Foundation Fundraiser

On Thursday March 20th, the Nicolas J. Sacco Foundation held a fundraiser at the Venetian in Garfield. At this event, they not only raised money for the foundation, but also honored the North Bergen Federation of teachers. The money raised by this charity goes to feed the needy, provide scholarships, support public libraries, as well as many other community outreach projects.


  1. Mr Reynoso and HC tv is now promoting Sacco besides Roque now it seems. Where did Fernando sit? At the Roque table?

  2. I don’t know about you, but my favorite part of the evening was watching Anthony walk around the room and tell everyone he wasn’t going to drink until June 4th.

  3. Henrey that’s a lie!!!! I was with Anthony all night as a matter of fact we never left each others sides!! He never said that!! Lets get our facts straight here please because I can vouch he never said that!!!

  4. I was there Thursday night and NO, Anthony was not drinking but I still won’t vote for him. He does not represent North Bergen well.

  5. I can honestly say Anthony never said that!!! He actually stayed by a group of girls that work for town and he’s pretty close with one of them! Anthony has my vote I’ve known him for the last 10 years he’s a stand up guy and will succeed