NJ Assembly Speaker Battle: Sacco Has Hands Full

Vincent Prieto, the Assembly Speaker from Secaucus, is scrambling to save his post after reports that competing Democrat Craig Coughlin of Woodbridge has enough Democratic Assembly votes to take the position away.

If Prieto should lose his Speaker position and just go back to being a regular “back bencher” in the 80-member State Assembly, would North Jersey Democrats like State Senator Nick Sacco lose influence in state politics? Already, according to reports earlier this year, Sacco thought about challenging South New Jersey Democratic leader Steve Sweeney for State Senate President. Now, Sweeney is considered safely in that spot.
Some reported rumors had Prieto being speaker, Sacco gaining more statewide power, and then people like Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez moving down to Trenton to — maybe — become Attorney General?
Where does this all leave people like longtime State Senators Loretta Weinberg of Teaneck, Sandra Cunningham of Jersey City and Brian Stack of Union City? They are all longtime incumbents, powerful in their own areas, right?
Is this all part of a larger game of musical chairs, as various Democratic power centers compete with one another to gain more state power in what they all presume will be a new gubernatorial administration of presumptive winner Phil Murphy?

We consider all these reports and rumors to be just that: rumors. But what do you think?


  1. Suarez as attorney general hahahahahahahahahaha…. needs to go back to law school and have plenty of boy toys.

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