NJ State Senator Teresa Ruiz is thrilled about the NJ DREAM ACT becoming a reality.Speaking exclusively with Hudson County TV, the State Senator explains why this victory for tuition equality is so important.


  1. Good job Mr. Uribe..just for the record she’s from the 29th district representing Belleville &Newark.Your interview is my first introduction to her, and I’m impressed.We are a country that was built by immigrants and foreigners with one wish to become Americans.We all need to remember that we come from somewhere else ,just keep looking back in your heritage to realize this. I wish that there were more programs for foreigners or potentially new Americans when my grandparents came to the United States. I am 45 years old and I grew up on movies and a history of the United States thst gave the impression that we as a country protected everyone else in the world. To have the freedoms that the United States fought for two hundred and twenty five years ago that in their countries were lacking or absent.and Hudson County is the representation of this country not just a melting pot but but a continuously changing Society. Let’s continue progress like this in the legislature and not lose sight of where we came from!I no longer think of Republican or Democrat as elected officials because they are supposed to work together so good just elected officials you’re only a Republican or Democrat during the campaign. This coming from a DIEHARD Democrat…old school. (that’s for you sis)

  2. the last point I tried to make was that as an elected official we all need to work together for all of your representatives ,the people, so you’re only a Republican or Democrat during the campaign.after that you’re just an elected official neither democrat nor republican because you represent everyone…We the People are your interests, not just those who show up at your functions or donate money to you or “developers”(really develop just bank accounts)…