NJEA President Under Scrutiny for Alleged Misuse of Teacher Dues

NJEA President Sean Spiller Allegated to be Utillizing Teacher Dues for 2025 political gain through Super PAC's

NJEA President Under Scrutiny for Alleged Misuse of Teacher Dues

The New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) has often been criticized for its ambiguous distinction between regular union activities and political endeavors. Recent revelations from the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey suggest that this line might be even more blurred than previously thought.

Super PAC-(noun), a type of independent political action committee which may raise unlimited sums of money from corporationsunions, and individuals but is not permitted to contribute to or coordinate directly with parties or candidates.

The report released by the center hints at the possibility that the NJEA’s current leader, Montclair Mayor Sean Spiller, might be channeling members’ union dues to fuel his own political aspirations beyond his local jurisdiction. The primary instrument for this? The Super PAC known as Garden State Forward.

Unlike the NJEA PAC, which requires members to opt-in for funding, Garden State Forward is predominantly funded by the regular annual dues of teachers. The allocations to this Super PAC are solely determined by the NJEA leadership, leaving teachers with no say in the matter. Many educators are under the impression that the NJEA’s political expenditures are confined to the NJEA PAC, unaware of their contributions to Garden State Forward.

From its inception in 2013 up to 2020, Garden State Forward has emerged as the primary channel for the NJEA’s political expenditures, outspending the NJEA PAC by a significant margin. Post the substantial amounts channeled towards Governor Murphy’s 2021 re-election campaign, this disparity has only grown.

Adding to the intrigue is Spiller’s recent venture, a dark money Super PAC named “Protecting Our Democracy” (POD), which he chairs. This new entity, classified as a 501(c)(4), has the liberty to spend vast sums without the obligation of disclosing its donors. Speculations are rife that this might be Spiller’s platform for the next chapter of his political journey.

The overarching question remains: Would New Jersey teachers willingly support Spiller’s political career, especially given the controversies surrounding him? As Spiller faces multiple legal challenges in Montclair, it seems he might be scouting for more favorable terrains to realize his political dreams, with New Jersey teachers bearing the financial brunt.”

Source: SaveJersey.com


  1. Mr. Spiller sued the township he currently serves as Mayor. Everything he’s involved with seems
    to have a conflict or interests. This is not surprising!

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