North Bergen Accused of Leaving 200 Residents Homeless. North Bergen advocate and newly appointed West NY Assistant Town Attorney, Mario Blanch, accused the city of North Bergen of evicting residents of the Manhattan Trailer Park and giving lucrative land deals to developers.


  1. Eric Dixon aren’t you a North Bergen resident and you don’t even care
    otherwise you would be there defending these displaced residents
    with Mario Blanch

    • Mr. Johnson,

      Eric Dixon is a paleoconservative that subscribes to Social Darwinism and the Ayn Rand school of Objectivism.

      Check Dixon’s blog:

      No way is that little stuffed shirt corporate shill going to stand up for anyone’s rights aside from that of the big money developer.

      Blanch on the other hand, was simply “grandstanding” as Herb Klitzner correctly asserted.

      Q: Where was Mario Blanch during that dispute?

      A: Losing cases in other venues.

      Has Mario Blanch ever tried and won a case?

      West New York is one of the few municipalites where no prior experience is neccessary in order to be selected as Town Attorney and Assistant Town Attorney.

  2. Guess if your wrap up law school,pass the bar, then you qualify
    under Roque’s standards of a experienced Town Attorney.
    Sorry Dixon your over qualified