1. The announced move of North Bergen’s H.S. to the Hudson County Hi-Tech H.S. was not the brainstorm of Hudson County or North Bergen officials.
    It was suggested to NJ DEP Green Acres by angry North Bergen residents who want to reduce overcrowding in NB schools and who also want the North Bergen Pre-K school out of Braddock Park where it has been illegally, in violation of NJ and Federal regulations for 15 years.

    On 04-12-16, Green Acres wrote to North Bergen:

    Hudson County High Tech High School properties, Block 458.01, Lot 1 and Block 458 Lot 1 – Please provide information on the scheduled relocation of the Hudson County High Tech High School to Secaucus and analyze the alternative of relocation of the Pre-K school to a portion of the current properties associated with the Hudson County High Tech High School in N. Bergen (or alternatively, relocating other school children there and moving the Pre-K school into newly available space at one or more of the existing school facilities).
    Source – page 5 of: http://www.nj.gov/dep/greenacres/pdf/NBergen_DEP_Completeness_Review.pdf

    Instead of taking credit for this great idea, North Bergen and Hudson County should take the extra step and announce that the Pre-K school will be moved out of its overaged and unsafe trailers into real elementary school classrooms that will become freed up as a result of the Hi-Tech acquisition.
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