North Bergen board of commissioners approves $84.4 million budget despite criticism. North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group President Larry Wainstein disagreed with several items in the budget and wasn’t shy about voicing his displeasure.


  1. Doesn’t Larry remind ,you of Frank? Smart question that the people have the right to know. The elected official refuse to answer. We hope the F.B.I is viewing HCTV. Larry stay on course your doing great. North Bergen is with you.

  2. Way to go Larry!!!! Keep exposing the way $acco and his gang waste OUR taxpayer dollars. Because Nick and his cohorts are so greedy, in the past 25 years , they have borrowed over $500 MILLION DOLLARS! What Painese doesn’t say is that NB is currently over 50 million in debt that they have put off payback of until a few years from now. They figure they will be long gone and it will be someone else’s problem. And for those who don’t believe it, look up North Bergen under Moody’s online…

  3. You people are crazy if you think Larry the Wiesel Weinstein is the answer. Keep throw those smoke screens you haven’t come up with a legiment issue. Vote Anrhony Vaineri

  4. JB you are obviously just a twisted lowlife who either knows nothing but insults or is on the Sacco taxpayer tit benefitting from these thugs.

  5. JB really are you so out of tough that you don’t even know who Sacco is? well I guess JB has to be Sacco talking he is the only one that can defend himself…….