North Bergen Board of Commissioners Meeting introduces $84.4 million budget. Hudson County political aficionado Gary Pollack went off on North Hudson politics before the conclusion of the meeting.


  1. Gary figure out the common denominator and you’ll figure out the problem with all three.They say there is a mathematical solution to every problem,right.

  2. While my respect level remains high for Brian Stack I thank you for your thiughtful comments, Gary. How much dies a public official need to earn a justified living? Danny, what is the common denominator? Hudson Hawk, ironic, too because the scenes of Judd Hirsh’s home and ehen father and don where sitting in park were filmed in WNY.

  3. Pat Cullen, didn’t you just run for a seat on the board of ed.????
    cause you sure can’t spell

  4. This smart phone has its limitations, Armondo. At least I am not under spell of WNY Corruption.