North Bergen celebrates Flag Day

They kicked off Flag Day on 85th and Bergenline near Braddock Park and then ended at at Miller Stadium in West New York for the ceremonial burning of the flag.

“It’s wonderful to see all these young people, hopefully they’ll get something out of it,” says Bob Smith, a Korean War Vet.

His father was in the Korean War and he was stationed in Korea in the 1980s for a month… so Flag Day is super important to Patrick Cullen.

“It seems some of us have forgotten what the flag means — and the men and women who wore the flag on their uniform to keep our country safe and free,” says West New York Town Historian, Patrick Cullen.

They’re honoring our flag in a special way.

And everyone agrees, it’s nice to see the flags retired the official way.

It’s a great tradition North Hudson has and it’s Wayne Zitt’s first year as mayor.