North Bergen Commissioners Meeting Remains Lively in 2013

North Bergen Commissioners’ Meeting remains lively in 2013. During the most recent meeting, Mayor Nicholas Sacco presented an award to Secaucus Mayor Mike Gonnelli for his efforts during Hurricane Sandy. Mayor Sacco also  faces questions from residents concerning ordinances and bond measures as well as hearing opinions from residents concerning pertinent issues in the township.


  1. Something else to ponder…Former attorney for Bergenfield, Bergen County Dems avoids federal prison term |

    Oury gets three years probation for role in grant-writing scheme ‹ Cliffview Pilot

    Dennis Oury represented the developers for Avalon Cove and they received a tax abatement for 30 years. Oury also represented the developers for the project located on 53rd and Kennedy. They also received a 30 year tax abatement. Sacco is destroying North Bergen and will bankrupt the town as a result of these 30 year land deals.

    Was Dennis Oury the go to guy in North Bergen to get things done ?

    What is the relationship between Herb Klitzner and Dennis Oury ? KLITZNER DOES NOT ANSWER.

  2. Larry Wainstien AKA Larry Whinestein is a bag of hot air who does no even live in North Bergen. He is a Stack hack doing Stack’s bidding.

  3. I guess you work for $ucco and you are in fear of losing your no show job because if you truly were human you would be outraged at all the illegal activity going on with $ucco’s North Bergen and all the money being wasted at the taxpayers expense. You should really think before spewing your nonsense. If you are going to make a statement try to write something factual instead of your angry little insults.

    BTW Mr. Wainstein is a business owner and taxpayer of North Bergen. What do you contribute?

    • Larry Wainstein:

      The Same guy that was opposed to the idea of a competing liquor store opening up across the street (shopping complex) from his “Sleezy check cashing” operation.

      His argument: Too much traffic on Tonnelle

      His Reality: Less profits for his shop due to increased competion.

      Former Union City UEZ Director Wainstein = An opponent of free and fair markets and a patsy for BS

      This message was not Paid for by Garry Pollack for Dog Catcher

      (Sorry, i couldnt resist)

  4. Pants on fire Aka Brian Stack’s paid mouth piece. Why is that all you do all day is sit around reading every post attacking anyone who says anything bad about Stack? Because your paid by Stack to try an scare people from offering there views. You and your bo$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are two sick individuals who need help. For the amount of time you spend you must get paid well by Stackie.

    • Wrong on everything but I will say that I am a big fan of Stack and only met him once…I am self employed and finacially stable that affords me the time in investigating the crimes that are going on right under the noses of the taxpayers of North Bergen. I must say I am appalled by the actions over the current administration of North Bergen. I do not have to tell you what has transpired over the years just google Sacco. What he has done to women, taxpayers is atrocious. I do not see that with Mayor Stack. He does not live a lavish lifestyle like $acco, there are no illegal activities linked directly to him and he seems to truly care about the people of Union City.
      You need to say something factual before posting here. You have not given me or anyone reading these posts any credible evidence.

      You Sir are the one who is a mouthpiece for a man who was recently subpeonaed, has had numerous people who work directly report to him and indicted, he has threatened and sexually harrassed women and is raping the taxpayers! What do you have to say about that? Do you have anything intelligent to say or just throw out insults from your uneducated mouth? Please you truly are making yourself look like an ass. Think before you write. I hope you will take my advice and read up about this man that you are defending. You know the saying if you lie with dogs you will wake up with fleas. Good luck with that!

  5. Citizens For Change seemed like a solid group.

    What happened to them? And why are these dorks (Wainstein and Blanche) trying so desperately to hog up all the limelight–the little bit that is left in their vainglorious efforts to unseat “the establishment”

    Citizens For Change = far more electable than NBCCG.

    Just throwing some opinions out there. Don’t shoot the messenger.

  6. “Word on the Street” is that Larry tried to exploit some old lady by foisting a lowball offer on her for a piece of property, for a fraction of its fair market value.

    Fortunately, “concerned citizens” were able to speak with this unsuspecting elderly woman with regard to what Larry intended to do with this parcel.

    She decided not to sell at all and keep it in the family.

    Wainstein to Nick Sacco: All you care about is Money. You are phony.

    Someone should hold a mirror up to this guy, so that he could see how ridiculous that sounds coming from out of his mouth.

    If you think Larry would be any less avaricious, were he successful in his bid to outseat sacco, then i have a bridge and some valuable swamp land you might be interested in purchasing.

    Someone tell this wet towel he has no shot at all.

  7. You only met him once because you head is so far up his ass you cannot see what is around you. Pants on fire get your head out of Brian Stack’s ass.

  8. Gary Pollack wants to be the next dog catcher, Whomever hires him
    whether it’s Stack or Sacco shall receive the Nobel Peace Prize

  9. Again I say that all the $acco supporters have nothing credible or factual to say. All rumors and lies spun by $acco and or Emilio DelValle leader of the Geriatric Ghetto Thugs. I can say Emilio laughs at the Cuban people because thinks that they are all fools because he makes so much money from the Cuban Day Parade…..oops that’s true…or $acco threatens female employees who won’t sleep with him….TRUE AGAIN!

    I can do this all day all day long and everything I write will factual…and everything from the $acco camp is angry rumors.

  10. Pants on Fire,

    Unfortunately, you’re incorrect.

    Nothing is going to come about with the Menendez story because he’s a “made man”

    Give it to the end of the week and see if any mainstream news outfit follows up on this story. You can forget about any “investigative journalism” unearthing more facts to substantiate the 53 Page Dossier that broke late Thursday Evening.

    What we’re going to see is business as usual with no one in power going down.

    Give it a few years. Eventually the masses will say enough is enough. But for now, its pretty much a futile endeavor to try and go against the very rich and the very powerful.

    I know it sucks; wish i could tell you it isnt so, but it is.

    As i said earlier: give it a few more years. There isnt enough outrage to support a mass movement just yet.

  11. Sacco takes his marching orders from Menendez.

    Bob is more powerful than everyone we know put together to the 99th degree.

    He’ll be confirmed as the new Chairman for the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations and it will be business as usual from there on out.

    About half the people out there, really don’t care about this story. The other half are Republicans.

    Its already being spun as a “right wing conspiracy”

    Don’t expect much coverage (if any at all) of this story on Fox News either.

    Its no wonder Congress has approval ratings in the sub 20 percent range. They all cover each other’s asses.

    It’s going to be obscured by dramatic stories about him being a Latino making world history and no charges are going to be filed.

    The End