North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group attorney could be hired by West New York.  Mario Blanch could be new assistant to town attorney pending a vote from the board of commissioners.


  1. What a joke rogue is taking this town and running to fbs ground. I hope mayor Sacco backs Wiley against these assholes or runs a ticket with sal vega.

    • I’m sorry but your disrespect to Blanch is because? Because you’re in support of Sacco’s despicable administration and allies? If so, then I believe you’re the joke.

      • I’m a full pledge supporter of Mayor Sacco. In fact I’m a committee person and proud of it.i thought Larry was a good guy before he started his bs because he can’t get his way n a liquor store will becoming near him soon. I feel sorry for the few who are buying into his redrrick. I believe there’s a way to go about things and there way is not it.

  2. There’s a West New York Town ordinance that says that employees must live in West New York.

    Unfortunately, the Town Attorney, Assistant Town Attorney, Municipal Administrator, Chief of Administrative Services etc etc do not live in West New York.

  3. Sometimes not the best employee for the job lives in town, but
    with this Mario Blanch he has zip-nada municipal experience.
    Way to go Roque by hiring another deadbeat.