North Bergen installs state-of-the-art fitness center just in time for nice weather

North Bergen installs state-of-the-art fitness center just in time for nice weather. Last week North Bergen opened its brand new fitness center. The fitness center is located right by the track and preschool on JFK Boulevard East. This free place for residents to work out was nothing short of impressive.


  1. That area is a horrible eye sore. It should have remained a kids playground for families to take their kids to on the weekends and especially when school’s out for the summer. Federal grants? How about that being money the town couldn’t figure out how to spend before a deadline that the Fed government imposed on town. How many winters do you think that equipment will last through before it begins to rust? All of these bureaucrats are useless knuckleheads and paper pushers. Sacco has been mayor since 1986…think he’s still relevant or in touch with the community? Not just the average age of a middle class family in town but also the demographics. First it was the Italian-Americans like him that had the majority of the population in town during his first few years. Then it got alot more diverse in the 90s with alot of Cubans, Colombians, Puerto Ricans and Indians. Now it alot more South Americans that live in the town. Even on an income level. Sacco receives 3 pensions – Mayor’s pension, NB High School Pension, and State Senator pension. You think Sacco or his administration is in touch the town? It’s more likely the aliens are running Coca Cola Corp. and Hollywood.