North Bergen job fair offers hope to unemployed

“I came here tonight to expand where I can start working at and law enforcement has been in my…
I always wanted to try to be a cop,” says North Bergen resident, Jonathan Abreu.

In this economy where many people are unemployed, the government is not able to employ people, especially with all the cutbacks.

“So we have to be more inventive and find other ways to help,” says Mayor Nicholas Sacco. “It’s been a really good function, there are many good positions here — you have a lot of different businesses and there’s training also.”

According to the mayor, he and the commissioners, along with Frank Gargiulo got together with the school system and said, ‘can we have a job fair’ in a place that would be convenient for the people — and they made it happen.

“Anything we can do to help to bring employers and employees together,” says Hudson County School of Technology Admissions Counselor, Yvette Thomas.

And there are so many industries to choose from.

“We have from hotels, transportation, the food industry, financial — you name it, we have ‘em,” Thomas says.

They are looking for people to work the rest area services on the New Jersey Turnpike, including Vince Lombardi in Ridgefield and Alexander Hamilton in Secaucus.

“We hire cashiers, we hire baristas, we have Popeye’s, cashiers and cooks for there and also Burger King,” says HMSHost Recruiter, Lynn Crapelle.

Go to and fill out an application.

“If they use key words Vince or Alex, they’ll get to those areas and they can select the position that they’re interested to and I will give them a call,” Crapelle says.

A job fair right in town is a great way to network.

“I’m looking for a bigger opportunity,” says Snehal Patel, a North Bergen resident.  “Right now I’m working but I see a lot of things here, so definitely I’m gonna get something,”

Putting yourself in front of employers so they can see who you really are could lead to better things.

“I’m over here to look for a different kind of opportunity, different companies offer for the people around,” says North Bergen resident Olivia Cordero, adding that it looked like they were offering a lot of jobs.