North Bergen Man Charged with Slew of Drugs and Weapons

raymond mitchell

A North Bergen resident was caught with a plethora of drugs, guns and a switchblade Friday afternoon, police said. Raymond Mitchell, 66, of Grand Street, was hit with a slew of drug possession/distribution and weapons charges, reports said. As part of an ongoing investigation by the North Bergen police Narcotics Unit, a search warrant was obtained for Mitchell’s home, officials said.

Friday at 3:13 p.m., police found the following inside of the residency: 15 grams of cocaine, 160 pills of oxycodone, 150 pills of Xanax, 13 pills of methadone, two airsoft (BB) guns, one starter pistol and a switchblade, authorities said.

Mitchell was charged with four counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, four counts of possession of CDS near a school zone, four counts of possession of CDS within 500 feet of school zone, four counts of possession of CDS within 500 feet of a park, four counts of possession of CDS within 500 feet of a housing project, two counts of unlawful possession of a hand gun and one count of unlawful possession of prohibited weapons and devices (for the switchblade), police said.

Mitchell was given a $100,000 bail with no 10 percent option and also had an outstanding warrant in Paramus for impersonation.

North Bergen police could not confirm or deny if the 66-year-old had any relation to the 33-year-old Ray Mitchell of Secaucus, who is currently pressing a simple assault charge against Union City Mayor Brian Stack for allegedly choking him at a holiday party on Dec, 14.



  1. Yea we remember this BUM his nick name was CUE-CHE he use to live on 37th St in Union City his son Ray Jr is off the same old block although his half brother Claudie had more brains than Ray I thought he would of smarten up & got away from his oldman evil ways…
    Ray Jr smarten up ok your getting to old your just going to end up on the same sicking ship like you dad ok…

    • To the one who posted that comment above(castro)…It’s one thing to comment on Ray Sr…it’s another to drag his son into the conversation. Just because the Ray Sr. made his mistakes in life doesn’t mean his son is or is going to follow in his footsteps. It’s obvious by way of your half-written sayings and misspellings in your comment that you have not amounted to much either. Learn how to complete a thought and a sentence before you post a comment with your name on it. My son writes better than you and he’s only 8. But of course people with glass houses love to throw those stones…don’t they???

      • LOL, true true….that castro person is probably trying to throw Ray Jr. under the bus cause he’s a Stack supporter… so what better way to slander his name but say that Ray jr. is like his father….

  2. This is a good day for North Bergen residents and the P.D.
    Taking crap like this off the streets is a bonus in every
    community, i hope and pray he wasn’t pushing this junk on
    our kids.
    Sir your day of reckoning is coming!
    This is not a father-son issue and hopefully the boys were
    not involved or knew anything about this behavior