NORTH BERGEN, NJ — The township’s Police Department unveiled its 2015 Annual Report at a recent Commission Meeting, sharing the document with Mayor Nick Sacco and the Board of Commissioners as well as other attendees. The Annual Report reviews crime statistics, major cases, departmental promotions, goals for the future and much more and it is available for public review on the NBPD website

“Our police department is something that all North Bergen residents can be very proud of and this report details many of the reasons why,” said Mayor Sacco. “The men and women of the department work hard every day, putting their lives on the line to keep our community safe, and we all respect their bravery and dedication to North Bergen.”

The department has made the Annual Reports available to the public for the past three years, an initiative started by NBPD Chief Robert Dowd. According to the report, North Bergen has seen a 5.15% reduction in overall crime in the past five years, with sharp reductions in burglary, robbery and auto theft in the past year. In addition the report contains information about the department’s racial breakdown, which is now at 55% Hispanic. This makes NBPD one of the most diverse policing units in New Jersey. 

“Being effective as a police department is about more than solving and preventing crime and our officers truly take that to heart,” said Public Safety Commissioner Allen Pascual. “Our police department is committed to community involvement and our officers always take extra steps to build relationships with the residents and become a greater part of the North Bergen community they serve and protect.” 

The Annual Report also looks to the future, detailing some of the department’s plans including an ongoing major renovation to its headquarters paid for by seizure funds, its accreditation process and more. 

“Being open and transparent with the community helps build trust and that’s why we work hard to disseminate information to residents with initiatives like our Annual Report,” said Chief Dowd. “We are all very proud of the accomplishments our officers have made in the last year and of the progress our department has seen with their hard work.”