North Bergen PD is currently participating in Taser training for its officers. According to Police Chief Robert Dowd, the training includes product knowledge, nomenclature, deployment, approved use and medical treatment following use.

North Bergen PD has purchased a total of 12 tasers over the past 2 years and thankfully they haven’t had the need to use the tasers a single time, Dowd said.

The model is the Taser X2 and it runs on batteries.

Each Taser cost approximately $1600 each which includes the cost of an HD Camera that is mounted.  North Bergen PD utilizes grant funds and our law enforcement trust fund (from asset forfeiture) to pay for the majority of this purchase.

In addition, Chief Dowd said that the use of tasers are the less lethal enhanced mechanical force options to avert the possibility of using deadly force in a critical incident.

The training is schedule to last 3 days.