North Bergen Police Sgt. Henry Marrero will challenge Anthony Vainieri for Freeholder seat

Press Release

Sgt. Henry Marrero of the North Bergen Police Department will formally announce his candidacy on March 6, for the upcoming Hudson County Freeholder District 8 race, representing his hometown of North Bergen, as well as parts of Jersey City and Secaucus.

“As someone who personally faced the pain of alienation and overcame adversity, I understand the necessity of creating and preserving strong community ties. The sense of unity that helped me achieve in life and that has always stayed with me is why I am running for Hudson County Freeholder – to help those residents and protect those who need it most,” Sgt. Marrero said.

Marrero is running for the Eighth District seat currently held by Thomas Liggio, who said he will not seek reelection.

Marrero, the youngest of three boys, was born to Puerto Rican parents. He moved with his family to North Bergen in 1981. After losing his parents to illness and a troubled youth, Marrero vowed to rise above his circumstances. He took the police officer exam and started a distinguished law enforcement career. He currently resides in North Bergen with his wife, Connie, and their five children.


  1. The said part we know who is going to win this before it even gets started. Vainieri!!!! Nicks lets nut, or is it hid right nut??? LOL

  2. I will say this henry is an outstanding role model,he is proof of what one that is less fortunate can become with hard work and dedication.i grew up in the same time of this man and he fought against the odds to be what he is today.i am nobody to be proud of what he has become but I am.Henry is a in my opinion a great guy and i wish him the best of luck.Jb this man will not be a puppet to no-one,I’ll be shocked if that ever happens.there are very few real men left and henry is one of them.

  3. Henry is a stand up guy, I have known him since age 7 and he hasn’t changed a bit. A puppet he will never be which is probably why Nick isn’t backing him. The only thing that matters is the people voting for the right guy not the status quo!

  4. Henry is the man for the job. He leads by example as a dedicated law enforcer as well as a fantastic father and family man.

    Anyone who is lucky enough to have Henry as a friend know’s how loyal and accountable is and has always been.

    It’s time to get someone with a younger point of view in the freeholder seat.

  5. Positive change —is not free; much needed change comes with an even higher price. Henry has paid the bill. It has been in transition within the people for years, and now is being placed into — ACTION. Henry can lead the much needed renaissance in North Bergen and throughout the county.

  6. I hope in the end it’s all worth it for mr. Marrero. For 20 yrs Mr. Sacco has been a good guy now all of a sudden Henry is knocking him. Vote Vanieri !!!

  7. Henry has committed himself to the community, weather in law enforcement or newly to the political world. We all are entitled to opinions, but we must be fair as well. I believe Henry Marrero will bring forth his dedication and hard work to support all that lives in Hudson County, North Bergen, etc. Henry is a exemplary officer and strives to better anyone he encounters, especially his devotion to our youth. His family has been his strength and he is truly a family man. Let’s get out and vote in June for a new voice, new ideas and a great man.