North Bergen Recreation’s Annual End of the Year BBQ and Soccer Awards Ceremony

Hudson TV was at Bruins Stadium to witness the North Bergen Recreation’s annual Soccer Awards ceremony, held on Friday, June 29.
Each child would receive a participation award and players who won championship games with their team would receive additional trophies, as well.
They celebrated with an end-of-the-year barbecue serving pizza, hot dogs, burgers, and more– to both parents and children.
It was a hot summer day, one perfect for a barbecue, and the kids enjoyed playing with their friends outside.
Over 1,100 students, ranging from ages 6 to 16 years old, participated this season and went home with an award today. Mayor Nicholas Sacco and Commissioner Hugo Cabrera took photos with the team members.
We also spoke with a couple of players about their experience playing on the soccer team this season.
Win or lose, the kids of North Bergen prove they enjoy playing soccer and will continue to benefit from this program for years to come.