North Bergen residents call out trustees at Board of Education meeting. The North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group brought a large group to last week’s board of education meeting where a number of salaries, board policies and security issues were questioned.


  1. All I see here is a group posing questions in a very rude manner and the board members trying to answer professionally. Guess the goal was to get a reaction or Rise from the board of ed, sad.

    you can even see in the video when the camera man is more interested in filming the rudeness than bringing up legit issues.

    Sorry larry but you lost on this one.

    • concerned citizen, you are not concern at all…..the board members are all puppets of Sacco, professionals ????? really…..and what the camera man was trying to do was to get the years, months, days of abuse from the Sacco-Somick bull shit, from the REAL concern citizen of North Bergen.

  2. Can someone tell me who the fat bald guy with the tight shirt and waxed eyebrows position is? This guy looks clueless.

  3. All you care about is this stupid crap!!!! Why is no one saying how over crowded are schools are!!! Kids sitting on the floor in the lunch rooms and even in the hall ways because there is not enough room in the lunch room!!! And the mice and roaches all over are schools. And i no this to be ture i have seen it for myself!!!!!!!

  4. Myself and other parents applaud Larry Wainstein for standing up to these incompetent individuals in the Board of Ed. Most parents that have to deal with them will tell you of the nightmares you must encounter. Even with that, most of the time the NB BOE never give you straight answers. At least we see Larry doing positive things for the community and no showboating for cameras like Sacco does. What does our mayor do when our kids have no schoolbooks and such, he gives himself a raise and new job. Thats really putting our children’s education first.

  5. Larry is con man looking for revenge. None of his antics have any merit. This jerk goes to meetings and screams non sense for 5 min. If LW is the best they can offer I feel sorry for the group of misfits. Look who he has running and showing up at meetings with him, it’s a real laugh.

    • I know who “LW” is…Maybe “Jb” shud identify himself—& give people the opportunity to support him!…

    • JB, really a “con man” you dont even have the ?????? to say your real name…..Larry does care about North Bergen and your 5 min are up…………..

  6. Nothing will ever change. Nicky baby is protected from on high. He’s got every major dem in nj under his thumb. He’s got the protection of certain, and possibly, multiple alphabet letter agencies. And who ever is moving the chess pieces for him is doing a terrific job. It’s annoying when the fat man talks about democracy as if it were a real thing in North Bergen. Dude might look like he has a learning disability but his team has been one step ahead of the law for nearly three decades. Like him or not … he’s one incredibly successful political animal. Get that cheddar, homie! Sorry Larry, if you think your taking down the Sack, keep dreaming.

    • who but mason, as you can see I do have my real name on this reply. I can tell you for a fact that Sacco is going down. It does not matter who he knows because justice will prevail.