North Bergen Responds to Callout From Governor Chris Christie. Township spokesman Phil Swibinski responds to Christie’s recent harsh criticism of Herb Klitzner and Nick Sacco


  1. P Swibinski please let the voters put there boots on with all the B-S your throwing around & bobbing your head up & down you are certainly a yes person on the payroll…
    I know your one of many laughing all the way to the bank I just hope the voters WAKE UP & send you all packing things do need to change in N Bergen…

  2. Who is this fat boy Paul Jr? He looks like a bobble head. Why can’t he control the cabeza? Oh I know, his head is stuck in that motion from spending toooo much time under Succo’s desk. I think he needs to come out from under the desk-don’t worry Herb will take his spot, it will be his pleasure.

  3. How the hell does a guy from Secaucus tell the residents from North Bergen that
    it’s okay to be paying these no-show jobs!
    Tell the Swibinski family to pay then they can comment!

  4. Swininski was a fraud for Mayor Barnes. Google it. He was almost indicted but sang his way to freedom. Be proud of your dad young fat boy Swibinski. Does your dad like giving felatio with that mustache cause where he’s going he better get used to it.