North Bergen High School Seniors had the opportunity to live a day in the life of North Bergen Officials on May 3rd of 2016. The students began the day in North Bergen’s Municipal Court house, where they had the opportunity to speak to a local judge and two attorneys, a prosecutor and a public defender. They spoke about trials, drug and alcohol offenses, and how the attorneys deal with defending someone they believe to be guilty. The students were then assigned the officials that they would be working with for the day, which included the Mayor, the Commissioners, and the Chief of Police. The Officials believe that Law Day is a great opportunity for students to learn more about government and law enforcement. For the students, law day is more about the experience and judging whether or not they would consider a position in politics or government in the future.


  1. So did they award no bid contracts for a road project that is going to go ten years over schedule? Did they intimidate voters by telling them if they don’t post the townships signs they are going to retaliate? Did they lawyer up with 8 law firms on retainer just in case one of them gets into legal trouble?