A $4 million improvement project will help restore Woodcliff Lake at North Bergen’s Braddock Park.

The investment is expected to be completed by Oct. 1 and includes the lake wall restoration, repaving the lakeside walkway, new benches, trash receptacles and signage. It will take place in two phases.

For years they’ve been patching up parts of the lake wall and it just keeps crumbling.

Hudson County’s Capital Improvement Fund paid for the project, approved by the Board of Chosen Freeholders.

It’s a place that conjures up colorful imagery and memory recognition.

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise remembers taking the 44 Bergenline bus as a kid with a fishing rod and worms in hand and working his way up to Braddock Park.

As a longtime former resident of North Bergen, Tom Wamsley thinks it’s a good thing.

North Bergen’s STEM Academy is also getting involved.

There’s draining of the lake and preparing the lawn and the walkway.


  1. Wow $4 million. Can’t believe it would take that much to fix this park… Instead if building plant more trees. I would like to see an itemized bill of the $4 million you are spending. So that the citizens of this town see no one is scumming $$$$ off this project.

  2. The park is very uncomfortable and unpleasant to be in it for people and animals… you can’t be at peace with the kids because those little trucks are driving every where even where people walk..its very dangerous !!this is taking too long to “renovate”