WEST NEW YORK NJ — The North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue (NHRFR) is reminding North Hudson residents that the use, sale or transport of fireworks, including sparklers, is illegal in the State of New Jersey. Furthermore, use of fireworks by residents may cause serious bodily harm, house fires and death.

“Given that the Fourth of July is fast approaching, it is a time for families to celebrate our country’s independence and enjoy the beautiful weather,” said NHRFR Chief Frank Montagne. “However from our experience, some residents decide to purchase fireworks from out of state and use them in our communities, we strongly urge against this as they have the potential to cause serious damage to both body and property.”

In one of the more publicized incidents of accidents caused by fireworks, a local National Football League (NFL) star player experienced serious damage to his hand after using fireworks last year. Fireworks were also involved in over 10,000 estimated injuries treated in U.S. hospital departments, according to a 2014 Fireworks Annual Report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

“As we’ve seen from previous incidents, fireworks have the potential to cause serious injuries such as burns, losing limbs and even death,” said Chief Montagne. “Fireworks are better left to the professionals, especially in densely populated areas such as ours.”

Fireworks can also cause fires in homes, which can quickly spread to surrounding properties, especially with aerial fireworks. The North Hudson region has experienced an unusually dry spring and summer, further increasing chances of brush and other fires.

If residents have any questions related to fireworks, they can call the NHRFR at (201) 601-3542. NHRFR wishes all North Hudson residents a Happy Independence Day.