North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Swears in 30 New Firefighters. All of the new members of the department are war veterans.


  1. More firemmen would have attended but they were all at UC Board of Ed getting taxes prepared by Angelo “On The Clock” Caliente.

  2. I doubt it Check His Time Angelo is never at work. Another no show do nothing out of towner who has been sucking from UC his entire life.

  3. “Don’t forget to buy a $50,000.00 SUPER BOWL BOX to help my kid”. Everyone knows how Caliente works do for me or I won’t do for you.

  4. Sorry Your A Loser I think pool is 100,000.00 + 20% tip, but only run while on duty at firehouse. Smells fishy.

  5. Yes tax free! Arnie Diaz and IRS already aware. Neither one father or son much of a Fire Fighter nor well liked by co workers.

  6. That is all we need 1st they need to get rid of 30 old cooks & all of it’s family members sitting around doing NOTHING all day they should only hire Vets who serve this country not these freeloaders firemen who never served this country so how can they serve the public.

  7. Higinia my friend, you need to back to grammar school, maybe start at third grade because that is about the level of your writing abilities. What the heck at you trying to say? I asked around and nobody can make sense of your postings. Higinia, you need to shut and stop making a fool out of yourself. FIREMEN RULE!