They finally got their man.

He mowed down a Union City mother and grandmother last Tuesday morning on 7600 River Road in North Bergen, outside Palisades Medical Center.

Olvy Torres drove his SUV into a bus stop that jumped the curb and killed Luisa Valdes, 59, 
a Harborage Nursing Home employee.

After an exhaustive manhunt and joint investigation by the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, North Bergen Police Department and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office, Torres was arrested at 10:30 this morning by the Sheriff’s Office.

The 36-year-old turned himself in and will be arraigned at Central Judicial Processing tomorrow.

Police work involved finding and reviewing video footage, interviewing witnesses and employees of area businesses, and utilizing police dogs that tracked Torres’ scent after he crashed and abandoned his Hyundai Santa Fe at the scene of the fatal accident and ran.

“He fled without attempting to render any aid to the victim,” Prosecutor Esther Suarez, Sheriff Frank Schillari and Chief Bob Dowd said at the time.

According to Schillari, Torres was charged with “leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death” and additional charges may be filed by the prosecutor’s office.

“This suspect’s identification and arrest was an excellent display of inter-agency cooperation by our three law enforcement agencies,” Schillari says.

“There were about two dozen officers working around the clock last week to identify and locate the driver of that vehicle.”

Suarez echoed that sentiment.

Dowd says that the extensive news coverage and strong social media interaction put enormous pressure on the New York City man to turn himself in.

“We had over 150,000 hits on just our NBPD social media outlets after his photograph was posted last week,” says Dowd, who also praised the ‘close working relationship’ between the three Hudson County law enforcement agencies.

“My heart goes out to the family and co-workers of Luisa Valdes and I hope this arrest will help in some way to ease their sorrow and eventually bring this matter to a just conclusion, Suarez says.