Opening Day for Little League Baseball in West New York. It’s time to play ball in West New York as the 2013 Little League season begins. Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioners expressed their excitement for this popular past time as both boys and girls are now involved.


  1. Is this Tiffany Marcano the goil friend of Felix’s son; being paid $61K for an unposted job, for which no qualifications R needed, except that U R at least a prospective member of the Roque family?…eg his sister, Ida & sonny boy, co-defendant who were on the zoning board until people pressured Gil Garcia into realizing; Hey U can’t do dat!!!
    Also very boring…Felix’s endless allusions to his membership in our nations military. Guess I M headed to the brig for this post!!!
    C U Wednesday Alcalde Felix!!!
    That is unless I can’t get into the meeting because he packed it w/school children, while voters R standing in line to get in…
    As I always say; If U build it…oh no, that’s the comish’s line…
    How ’bout…If U can’t say somethin’ nice…In WNY U betta say nuttin at all!!!

  2. Yes-sir-ree Gary that’s her and Felix’s son was angry because
    his Dad(Roque) was supposed to pay her the same as the
    Deputy Mayor(Accosta) 85k per year

  3. Gary this is not a dating site, unless your bored and you see
    nothing progressing in WNY then I don’t blame you.
    Viva Gary Pollack!

    • Nothing Progressing? R U crazy! Was @ UC THM last nite. Dixon, Del Valle & Alonzo R gonzo! Boring!!! WNY THM’s R now the hottest venue in town. I R going Early tonite. Just in case I find the Middle School is continuing its nite school classes in WNY TH!
      & while I will be listening to everything, attentively…
      Who says my eyes can’t Rove!
      So…Is Ida single & ready to mingle!!!
      I’ll ask Alcalde Felix tonite…
      & who knows; I will be able to find romance & eventually a job if I play my cards right…Sucker!!!

  4. Gary, why not get hitched to fior d’aliza Felix maybe be busy in
    a few weeks and then Ida won’t be so good looking anymore.
    Eric Dixon or Mario Blanch could be the best man!

    • If U see Eric please tell him I wish to return the copy of the Fountainhead he lent me!
      &…I predict many Sleepless nites for Mario…
      Cooper’s 3 o’clock feedings!