By: Stephen A. Innamorato, III

Less than 100 days into his first term, President Donald Trump has taken bold steps to make America safe and great again. Still, he’s encountering substantial resistance from the ruling elites in Washington, D.C. whose sole concerns are money, power, and politics.

On the domestic front, Trump has acted to roll back the size and scope of the federal government. This has resulted in a slight boost to the U.S. economy, but more is needed. Tax cuts along with repeal and replacement of Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank Act will bring a huge boost to the economy.

In matters of foreign policy, Trump has succeeded in decreasing illegal immigration into the U.S. Through the use of force, he’s also sent a clear message to America’s allies and its enemies that the U.S. will achieve peace through strength. Activist judges in the federal court system are blocking enforcement of his executive orders designed to keep terrorists out of the U.S.

Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s first pick for the Supreme Court, has already been confirmed and sworn in as an Associate Justice. With Gorsuch now on the Court, Trump’s terror bans stand a good chance of being upheld.

Trump hasn’t had a legislative victory yet. The first better come soon if the Republicans want to keep control of Congress.

The Democratic Party has refused to support any of Trump’s agenda items. Sensing that this obstructionism isn’t popular with Americans, hard left establishment Democrats in control of the Party are resorting to their same old tactics.

Through their propagandists in the media, leftist Democrats are putting out skewed polls which suggest that Trump’s approval rating with Americans is somewhere around 35%. Reliable polling shows his actual approval rating to be a respectable 55%. Just more fake news by the left and their willing accomplices in the media.

Earlier this week with tax day looming, leftist goons were out again in full force demanding that Trump release his tax returns. Those leftists shouldn’t forget that they failed badly in two previous attempts to taint Trump after portions of his 1995 and 2005 returns were illegally leaked to the media.

Democrats are losing in the court of public opinion thanks to their blind adherence to the ideology of the left. They now find themselves with their backs against the wall despite a divided Republican Party (GOP).

Clearly, the Democratic Party is in disarray and out of touch with issues that matter to Americans. The Party is beholden to its big money donors who crave power.

As for the Republicans, they’re once again proving to be their own worst enemies. If they would simply unite around the conservative polices they ran on, the left would cease to have any real influence in the U.S.

Moderate establishment Republicans who currently control the GOP are the source of the Party’s problem. They’re sole motivation is the money they receive from their big government, crony capitalist donors.

It’s worth reminding those moderates that the GOP currently controls most of the federal government because of promises they made to implement conservative policies if elected. They’ll pay dearly at the ballot box if they once again try to fool the American people.

President Trump’s determination to succeed is the silver lining in the cloud created by the D.C. establishment. Cleaning the D.C. swamp won’t be easy, but Trump isn’t discouraged and he won’t allow politics to get in his way. That’s good news for Americans and for the rest of the world.

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