At about 8:00am on August 9th, Port Authority Police Officer Chris Johnson was stationed at the Holland Tunnel Toll Plaza in Jersey City when he saw the suspect’s 2009 silver BMW traveling east through the E-Z Pass toll plaza. The officer saw the sign board read “Toll Unpaid.”

The BMW was pulled over and Officer Johnson asked the driver if she had paid the toll and if she had an E-Z Pass. She retrieved an E-Z Pass from the center console. She was asked by the officer why it was not affixed to the windshield. She stated she did not like the looks of it on the windshield. She told police that her account was current and Port Authority Police asked for her license and registration. The suspect’s registration had expired in July of 2016.

Records indicated that the suspect’s E-Z Pass account was delinquent and had been revoked. A further investigation showed that the suspect owed more than $30,000 in unpaid tolls and fees, with more than 400 separate incidents. Records further indicated that the suspect holds five individual E-Z Pass accounts, all of which are delinquent and revoked. Ms. North was put under arrest. She has a court date on August 16th.

Arrested: Ms. Shakeema N. North, 38, of Ridge St., Orange, NJ

Charges: Theft of Services


  1. What’s she thinking?? People want to drive BMW, but they don’t want to pay tolls……5 different accounts all f’d up…400 violations, this has to be a fine + community service. …