“We’re out here rallying for the police on black murders. We’re tired and we’ve had enough,” says Anisah Norman, from the Youth Organization of Newark, who helped organize the Thursday afternoon demonstration.

Protestors made their voices heard from Broad to Market Street in downtown Newark.

Another banner day for American law enforcement—as two black men, Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are murdered on video by police, continuing a longstanding pattern of disparate, unfair and violent treatment of black people.

“The time is now to come together, stick together and make a difference,” Norman says.

No one, not anyone, can hide behind their badge to commit murder. And most of the time, the killers get acquitted at trial, if they are even charged with a crime at all.

“We’re tired of the police killing blacks,” Norman says.  “Black Lives Matter.”

There were also people on hand from Mayor Ras Baraka’s office, Newark Youth Council, Newark Workforce’s Tyaija Shakir and Office of Re-entry’s Alexis Trusty.