Cora Kerton joined the Jersey City Police Department almost twenty years ago.

For her, it was the dream of a lifetime.
That is, until an accident while on the job two years ago shattered that dream and paralyzed her from the waist down.
Now the 17-year police veteran, who makes about $88,000 according to one records search, says she’s fighting for disability benefits and struggles to pay for transportation and medical costs.
According to one report, Officer Kerton is involved in litigation against Jersey City. That’s the reason Jersey City gives for not commenting on her case. But HudsonTV checked with local courts and litigation databases and found no record of any lawsuits between Kerton and the city.
For now, Officer Kerton is resorting to crowdfunding for donations to help out. You can donate by clicking this link.
A gofundme page has been created by Mahaley Marlo Stewart on behalf of Cora Kerton.

“Known for her commitment to the community, especially the elderly. Officer Kerton organized and hosted the largest holiday toy drive in the JCPD West District (Communipaw and Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive) for over 5 years.

On a very cold and snowy evening in earlier 2015, Officer Kerton responded to a 911 call at assist paramedics with an unconscious male. Once the patient was safely secured in the ambulance, Officer Kerton proceeded to her police vehicle. That was the last conscious thought Officer Kerton had before waking up in Jersey City Medical Center completely paralyzed along with a severe headache.

Officer Kerton laid in the hospital completely paralyzed for two days. When she awoke on the 3rd day, Officer Kerton had gain control of her upper extremities only. She could not move her legs or feet and initially had control of her bodily function which nurses serviced with the use of a bed pan. By the end of her two week stay at JCMC, Officer Kerton had lost all control of her bodily function control and a catheter was put in place.

Officer Kerton was moved from JCMC to Kessler Rehabilitation Hospital for spinal cord injuries. It is here she continued using a catheter and was place on a regimented bowel program. Officer Kerton received physical and occupational therapy as well as emotional counseling seven day a week for the next three months. Once released, she went home where she continuted to received rehabilitation five days a week for two months.

Currently, Officer Kerton is completely paralyzed from the waist down without any control of her bodily functions. As a single mom, she is emotional strained as so is her teen aged daughter who encountered the repercussion of such a horrific accident at such a precious age. Her daughter has had a difficult time with adjusting from having an active athletic mom to a paraplegic. Her daughter cries often and finds it hard to concentrate in school.

In addition to the injury Officer Kerton is having financial difficulties. She receives Workers Compensation which does not cover the amount of her salary and overtime needed to keep bills from going into collections, and to cover her daughter’s school expenses.

Office Kerton is a fighter, she vigorously does extra physical therapy. She and her daughter are getting counseling to keep emotional sound.

Officer Cora Kerton needs your prayers and financial support. Any amount that you give is appreciated.”

… the page says.