Parents outraged about children's hike to school

Parents outraged about children’s hike to school.

Parents of children who attend the Harry L. Bain School in West New York are outraged that kids may need to walk up to two miles to get to their temporary school, St. Joseph’s.  Renovations have begun at the Bain School which will take two years to complete.


  1. We get outraged over very minor things these days. In many parts of the world children have to walk for much longer every day and do so gladly in order to get an education. And in many other parts, many children and their parents only wish they could walk to a school; but unfortunately there isn’t one.
    The more we get the more we want. There is never enough! What is wrong with healthy children walking two miles? I would argue it’s a good thing, since they are getting exercise that will help them later to learn. Please, let us complain when it is really necessary to do so.

  2. Are you kidding me with parents complaining about kids walking! Maybe the parents should go to school with the child and learn how many blocks are in a mile. Its about 20 blocks per mile and they are exaggerating with this 2 miles nonsense if the kid lived 40 blocks away from the school they would obviously be going to a different number school. Some parents are such morons nowadays whinning about a perfectly young individuals walking to school and we wonder why so many kids nowadays are over weight because god forbid they walk.