Patrons escorted out of West New York meeting after Count Wiley blasts the board. Four people in attendance were thrown out as they protested the vote on the town’s controversial sign ordinance. 


    • WNYGUY wise up are you stupit or what Vega if that is the best WNY can do you etter wake up & smell the flowers Vega get real

  1. Bring Vega Back, I guess you didn’t take your meds today.
    If your looking for real leadership and want to get WNY
    back on track there is no clearer picture then Commissioner Wiley.
    Recall and sign the petition, let’s give the real leader
    a shot.
    Vote for Commissioner Wiley!

    • Mr Johnson you said bring Vega back what in the hell are you on Vega is such a PHONY that is why WE THE PEOPLE voted him out Menendez & Vega perfect together now you want ”WHO” Wiley another PHONY & snake in the grass you said give him a shot you will get a bullet right into your heart & your POCKET ok SMARTEN UP

  2. Can’t understand why the City attorney has so much to say at meetings he should sit there until he is asked for a legal opinion.

  3. Wiley seems to be the only one that speaks to the people and also
    for the people.
    I hope this recall happens and we get rid of these bums!

  4. Mr. Johnson open your eyes a little bit more.Wiley is not the answer for WNY because he is not WNY.If Wiley truly cared about WNY he would have backed a Mayor/Council form of Gov. and he is completely against it because he wants to be the next ruler(dictator)and he has ulterior motives. Did he not only backlash and speak out after he got transferred out of the DPW(the family buss.)…WNY open your eyes and back those that will run for the love of the town,do not fall victim again to lies and a bunch of rah rah…

  5. Residents it’s simple Commissioner Wiley listens before he speaks.
    Sign and Banner issue, which would effect businesses of all
    calibers and even homeowners by displaying there flag with pride.
    Massage Parlors, unless you frequent them then I guess you are also
    in support,however Commissioner Wiley is the only voice that was
    heard opposing these issues and keeps fighting for the people.

    • Just listen to how Commissioner Wiley stands up for what is right! LISTEN TO HIM! It’s obvious there’s a big difference between Wiley’s attitude toward the people of our town and the attitudes of the other commissioners and the mayor. I know there will be a recall, and I’m not decided- I’ll listen closely to what all the candidates have to say- but I’d have to say that Wiley has distinguished himself from all the others as a man of ethics who cares about doing a job for the people of our town.

      • Josh I was @ the THM, I heard U speak & Mr Borden & I sympathize & AGREE w/the community about Meridian…& Ultimately U will prevail!
        But to paraphrase Ronald Reagen…
        Wiley is not the solution…Wiley is (or wud be) the (greater!) problem.
        He is just someone who is interested in bringing NB style government to WNY ie feeding @ the public trough…
        He will pander to anyone to get in office & be laughing all the way to the bank once in…Don’t be FOOLED!!!

  6. Commissioner Wiley, is now introducing new candidates that mirror his
    image and has not gone back to the recycling bin in looking for
    town leaders who only are in it for the paycheck.
    Recall now! We need new a new leadership if we want change.