The Police Benevolent Association, Local 361, publicly thanked Mayor Felix Roque and Board of Commissioners for their steadfast commitment to school safety and protecting children from violence. The School Security Initiative, initiated by the Mayor and The Board, places armed Police officers in all West New York public schools. “With recent school shootings and violent incidents, I felt it was a top priority to safeguard not only our children, but our teachers, staff and parents. Working with the City’s Board of Commissioners, we passed this important policy and we vow not to dismantle it for any reason. We simply cannot leave our schools without protection; we had to get ahead of any possible incidents.¬†Our police officers are some of the best in the nation, and they are dedicated to ensuring the safety and welfare of our community and children,” said Mayor Roque. “Our hope is that we become a model for other cities throughout NJ. We want to see all cities and towns adopt a policy and police their schools, and we’re open to helping them.”