Petition To Save North Bergen's James Braddock Park Hits Over 1,000 Signatures


A petition in effort to help save North Bergen’s James J. Braddock park hit over 1,000 signatures from Hudson County residents just three days ago. 

The petition stems from the township of North Bergen and County of Hudson proposing to divert approximately 1.1-1.7 acres of the park to permanently house a preschool that has been located in the trailers within James J. Braddock park for over the past 12 years. The location was initially intended to be temporary while a new facility was being built however after construction delays and increased enrollment it remained in the park. Residents feel this is “the beginning of the end of Braddock Park.” The petition website states, “Parks are for nature and for people to enjoy it, not for development/municipalities. This diversion could lead to future diversions/development of municipalities in the park by North Bergen and other Hudson county towns.”

Just last month several improvements were made to parts of the park. “The overused sports field will be a veteran’s memorial and across the street will be brand new soccer fields. The fields will be complete with state of the art LED lighting and bathrooms. Braddock Park, which is already home to a fitness center, playground, tennis courts, and much more, will be complete. Several government officials including Mayor Nicholas Sacco, County Executive Tom DeGise, and Freeholder Antony Vaineri, are both proud and excited for this new park. “It’s going to be a very beautiful park with places to play ball, that well be well controlled. It will keep things under control yet make the park very beautiful, ” Nicholas Sacco stated. 

Tom DeGise said, “we are the most densely populated county in the entire country and we need places like this to have our citizens recreate and get some fresh air.” 




  1. I think a place for children to have an education is way more important then having something nice to look at. And let’s be serious the park is huge! My daughter attends the pre-k now. The teachers are great the area is great. So how about figure out where future kids will go before making PARK PLANS

  2. The park is not huge and already a great deal of this county park has been taken over for local North Bergen uses. Putting a permanent school there starts a bad precedent.

  3. North Bergen is huge. The park is not. They can easily find another location in town for the school

  4. I’m wondering where all those 1K signatures have been for the past 12 years. I’m more then sure a good percentage of them have had kids that have gone to that specific pre-K.

  5. Singed and shared Developers are sneaking in there using the school as an excuse. Place the damn school somewhere else instead of building so many condominiums so that the money hungry sharks can get richer.

  6. This is the only piece of nature we have left in this county, the idiot that commented above about the ilegals being there, Just where the hell do you think you come from MIchael H. Cardone Sr? Yep there are illegals there but there are thousands of good old American Citizens Naturalized as I am sure you or your family are. Who uses the park is not the problem, the problem is that the Money Hungry Sharks are taking every piece of empty land to make themselves richer. Where would kids and their families go for a day of play and relaxation inside their apartment? This should have never have become an issue. As a 40 year resident of this County my Vote is absolutely NOOOOOOOTTTTTT

  7. With all due respect Mrs. Ortega, Mr. Cardone is correct, Illegals ARE the problem as we are paying the cost of their children to use the trailers in park. I’m sure Mr. Cardones family came here similar to my own, through Ellis Island …LEGALLY…detained for months before they were allowed to enter. They did not have the option of sneaking in an benefiting from the services paid for by the AMERICAN people.

  8. As going up lot of memories there
    From feeding the duck going on the paddle boats. Now half of us still go there our family & grandchildren. What are you thinking leave the park alone!!!!
    I vote no !!!!!